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    HelpDesk Reassigned tickets


      Looking for suggestions on what would be the best approach for this situation.

      Currently Helpdesk\Sysadmin\DBA\Network groups are all separated into different tech groups.

      The Helpdesk takes the initial phone call, creates the ticket, assigns it to the appropriate group.

      The problem is if a user calls back and wants to add some information to the ticket since the ticket has been reassigned the helpdesk staff have no visibility into that ticket.

      On the flip side of that we don't necessarily want the helpdesk role to have access to everything as that would just clutter their view and notifications get interesting.

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          If they are not restricted in Tech Permissions, the default view of a given Tech on the "My Tickets" view would be only those tickets directly assigned to them, and the view on the "Group Tickets" view should only be those tickets assigned to the Tech Groups that that Tech is in.  So, simply giving them access to the other tickets by removing that restriction in Tech Permissions shouldn't cloud their (Group Tickets) view unless you add them to the other Tech Groups.  But it would allow them to go up to Search Tickets and find a given ticket.