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    Need assistance with dos commands for Dameware 10 on a Windows 7 x64 computer


      We recently updated to Dameware 10 (from 6). In 6 we were able to create a dos batch file which automated a startup to automatically start 1 or more dameware sessionssimultaneously.  The command was "start c:\dwrcc\dwrcc.exe -i:11 -c -h: -m:computername -a:1 -u:username -p:password -d:domain".  This same command on windows 7 x64 opens Dameware but also leaves a dos command window running in the background.  How do we eliminate the dos command window?  We also cannot open more than 1 of these commands at the same time.  How do I open multiple dos dameware commands without having to wait?