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    ASA down from NPM

    Tira Li

      Hi All,


           The NPM version is v15.0 and monitors some ASA firewall devices.NPM runs well, however someday afternoon administrator found three ASA down alert via NPM web and the nodes are red. We tried to ping them from SolarWinds server normally and rediscovery them from NPM web completely, the status of them always is down. We checked the three ASA logs and show normally.  After that, we had to delete them from NPM web and re-add them, then the status of them is up and everything went well.

           After some days, the appearance of them happen again. However, the data of ASA is important to Administrator for reference, he don't want to delete them again. Is it bug?

           But I check the OrionPlatform-2015.1-HotFix4 and it seems that it doesn't matter with ASA firewall devices. Is it great to upgrade to version 11.5.2 to check?