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    Question on Orion Platform v2015.1.2 HotFix3


      So I'm installing this after upgrading from NPM 11.5.0 to 11.5.2, and I love it because now it's an actual installer and I don't have to manually copy files over, however, had a couple of questions:


      After the installation of the HotFix completes, it prompts to run the Config Wizard again (to apply HF immediately) or defer the Config Wizard (to apply HF later). I clicked on Run Config Wizard now and then two instances popped up, I cancelled out of one and proceeded with the other.


      This seems to be a change from previous hotfixes, where running the Config Wizard after hotfixes were applied would remove the effect of the hotfix?


      Does that mean that once I upgrade from SAM 6.2.0 to  6.2.1 tomorrow, I won't have to reapply HotFix3?



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          Jan Pelousek

          Hello, the second appearance of Configuration wizard is a known bug, which was decided to fix later to release the HF as soon as possible. The Hotfixes are done the way, so they aren't removed by CW or by repair.


          Ad upgrade of module question: The hotfixes are targeted for Orion Platform 2015.1.2, which is the latest released so far. If you upgrade some module, e.g. SAM, this won't touch the Orion Platform installation and will just install your module. Reapply won't be necessary then. In future, when new version of platform will be released, the HotFixes will be removed by installation and you'll get brand new installation of the platform.


          I hope it helped.


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            In my case, running the hotfix installer ended with a prompt to restart the server and run configuration wizard. I wasn't sure whether I should postpone the restart or run the configuration wizard first. I opted with a restart first, thinking configuration wizard would start automatically again upon startup but it didn't.