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    IPAM SWJobEngineWorker2.exe logon failures


      We had an engineer leave the firm and now we are seeing a ton of logon failures under event ID 4625 from his name for this exe. Any ideas how to change? I see no services running in his name. Also, I went through all options in the web interface and do not see his name tied to anything. Please help.

      Thank you

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          I have the same question, we had to change an account password that is used in our Orion and I have reset the password everywhere I can find the user, SAM Settings, IPAM Settings, UDT Setting, Virtualization Settings and Credentials and we are still getting the account locked out daily.  Is there anywhere else in the Web Interface to look, it is the SWJobEngineWorker2.exe that is in the Audit Failure log file.