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    Asset Custom Fields question




      Is there any obvious logic to which Asset Custom Fields appear in the Assets tab when creating a ticket? I have recently added some servers to our assets (added manually, not via auto-discovery) and since then one of the custom fields I created and which only applies to my "Servers" Asset type is displayed (despite being blank) in the Asset tab for every client when logging a ticket. I am assuming I have missed something somewhere?



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          That seems really odd; an asset custom field shouldn't be showing up in the ticket submission.   Perhaps a screenshot or two would help illustrate the issue?  

          If you're under maintenance i would likely open a support ticket on that as it doesn't sound right.

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              Yes, maybe I didn't explain this very well. So I am going...


              Step 1 - Click on New Ticket

              Step 2 - Lookup & choose the client on the Client Info tab

              Step 3 - Click on the Asset Info tab, which shows their assigned assets. It is on this page I am seeing an Asset Custom field which is not appropriate for the asset type (shown in the screenshot, Machine Type (IBM)).


              If the Client has no assigned assets & I look up an asset it is the same, the unwanted Custom Field is showing.


              If you think this is a defect rather than how I have set it up I will log a ticket...