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    SCCM 2012 Client User Names


      It appears that when WHD uses the SCCM connector the Client User Name is getting pulled from the Last Logon User name field.   Is there anyway to change that to pull from the Primary User field?

      If a helpdesk person logs into a computer as themselves it adds that account to the Client User Name, I know you can choose to ignore but that is not exactly what I want to achieve.  The primary user in SCCM is more accurate.

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          Hmm.. if you edit the Discovery Connection you have for SCCM, there is an Attribute Mappings tab at the top.   I believe the default for the SCCM connector is that "Client User Names" (the WHD field) is populated from the "User Name" field in SCCM.   Looking through the list of options, I don't really see a different user name attribute in the drop-down that could be used instead.