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    Guest storage space utilization - exclude a few drives


      Good day all,


      Below is an email that I receive about disk storage.  I like the alert as it is setup but I have a few drives that I have dedicated for pagefiles or are a few TB in size and I do not want to have 5% free space reserved on them.  On these servers, and only on these select drives on these servers, how can I exclude them from this alert?


      Thanks in advance!


      Virtualization Manager v6.3.0.10011


      Description: Amount of disk space available inside the guest is less than 5% on one or more volumes


      Time Executed: Fri, 7 Aug 2015 16:55:15


      Current Overall Alert State: ACTIVE


      Recommendation: The guest is running low on disk space on one or more disk volumes. Consider removing unneeded files, or expanding the disk space available to the guest. Consider the active links below for further drill down.


      Alert Active for:

      1. VirtualMachine: sharepoint (E:\ (0%)) 2. VirtualMachine: admin (E:\ (1%), F:\ (1%)) 3. VirtualMachine: dell-old (H:\ (5%)) 4. VirtualMachine: backups (F:\ (0%), E:\ (2%))