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    Cisco Tempurature Alert in new Alerting Engine

    John Handberg

      I am having some trouble with the new web based alerting engine and trying to set up a new alert.  I am trying once again to get a temperature alert working on some of my gear.  I am starting with my Cisco gear since I am more familiar with it.  Unfortunately, I am not familiar enough with the new Web Alerts.


      I have a poller set up in all my Cisco switches, most of which are 3560v2 switches.  I have that poller displaying chart data on the node page.  I can't get an alert working against that data.  It just would never alert when I was trying to set it up.  Now with the new web based GUI, I can't even select the poller to try it again.


      Old style chart, I know, but it does show the poller is working.  The rise in temp yesterday was due to an AC problem caused by cottonwood and dust clogging the system up.  I would rather get an alert on an issue than find out by walking by the data center and wondering why all the fans on all the components in the racks have spun up to full speed.