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    Custom Poller & Alert on Cisco Input Errors



      We noticed (as many likely have) that NPM doesn't appear to catch Cisco input error counters with native settings. I'm specifically looking to track and alert on changes in input errors on Cisco Nexus gear.


      I located the correct SNMP OID (IF-MIB:ifInErrors, by snmpwalk, and so I've validated that. I created a UnDP customer poller, and it shows up as a Counter MIB type, which I've assigned it as an Interface poller, keeping historical data and enabling it.


      Next, I wanted to create an alert so that when this value increases, we get an alert. When I test it, I get the correct Node but the wrong interface, even though I've selected the interface I want to test on.


      Here is the SQL from the alert as configured now:

      Trigger query   SELECT DISTINCT CustomPollerAssignmentView.CustomPollerAssignmentID AS NetObjectID, CustomPollerAssignmentView.AssignmentName AS Name FROM (CustomPollerAssignmentView INNER JOIN CustomPollers ON (CustomPollerAssignmentView.CustomPollerID = CustomPollers.CustomPollerID)) INNER JOIN CustomPollerStatus ON (CustomPollerAssignmentView.CustomPollerAssignmentID = CustomPollerStatus.CustomPollerAssignmentID) WHERE ( (CustomPollers.UniqueName = 'ifInErrors') AND (CustomPollerStatus.NumericValue > 0) ) AND ( (NetObjectPrefix = 'I') ) 

      What I'm really trying to do is alert when the value is increasing over time. We had an issue where there was some instability that was eventually discovered to be caused by one of two links in an ethernet port-channel taking errors, but Solarwinds wasn't seeing them.

      Any advice? Apologies if this has been covered elsewhere, but I sure didn't find anything like this in my searches.