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    How to Configure Solarwinds to sent alerts for APC UPS


      I have created a custom Poller to pull the the Temperature from the Smart UPS and this works...But  when I try to setup an alert to notify the team when the Temp is too high or too low I am not getting anywhere with this.....can someone please Assist

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          My friend, I would suggest you to use search in the top right corner, just below your points. Simple search for "APC" gave me at least 3 different results with brilliant monitoring templates somebody has shared. Once on the result page you can further filter your results by content type (in the left menu). Selecting "Documents" would display solutions that you need

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            ok I figured my question on how to  setup the alert for the APC UPS using solarwinds 11.5. After creating the custom poller go to setting and manage alerts and for the alert that  you want to alert on select custom node poller, for the scope select only the following set of object, then select node > vender > is equal to > then choose the group American Power Conversion Corp.


            For the trgger Condition:

            select custom node poller > unique Name( custom poller current status) if you do not see it click browse all fields and look for it > is equal to > then start to type in the name of the custom poller the default name is iemStatusProbeCurrentTemp but if you changed the name like I did to UPScurrenttemp then you would enter in that name and it should pop up as you start to type

            next hit the green plus and select add and/or block, then change to al least one child condition must be satisfied or

            next select custom node poller > current value custom(custom poller current status) > is greater than  and enter in the number you would like



            In order to find the OIDs I downloaded the Powernet MIB from the APC website and used ManageEngine MibBrowser free tool then loaded the mib and looked for the OID, also when creating the custom poller you can test it right there to see if it returns the correct value.


            The OID for the APC temp is




            Powernet MIB download



            Some other OIDs to get started if you do not feel like looking for them or don't have the time



            MIB free browser tool






            This is the custom poller setup Notice the name it was say iemStatusProbeCurrentTemp but I changed mine to UPScurrenttemp