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    ESX Invalid URL: the URl is empty



      I am experience this error on of my hosts.  I have other hosts that are working fine hanging off the same vcenter.

      I can get to the http://<hostip>/mob and log in just fine.

      I have tried polling directly and through vcenter, each producing the same error.

      Does anyone know of anything else I can check? I'm not sure what URL it is referring to.


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          if you still face the problem it would be probably best to create a support ticket.

          If you are familiar with sql, you check what is the service uri id of your particular host (run database manager, execute this query: select hostname,serviceuriid from vim_hosts). Find your ID and check if it's available in VIM_ServiceUris (select * from vim_serviceuris). Eventually you can fix the ID in the hosts table.