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    Toolset on the Web


      When we first started with Solarwinds I was rather 'noobish' on how to properly use the tools that we were given. I found that many tools gave me a "god like" feeling. I now have the ability to view ARP tables and find mac addresses as they associate with IP's. Much to my knowledge I was simply scratching the surface with NPM and toolset. After about 60 working hours of research, playing and testing I have our tools set up for everyone to use and troubleshoot network problems as they arise. Much to my surprise almost 9 months later I logged into our SolarWinds account and realized that we have toolset for the web! Jees, I now am some sort of being with infinite power to do what I want from one interface... I now randomly  take time and monitor different interfaces with a large smirk on my face, knowing that at any time I have the tools and power to know what is going on with our network.


      Side note...I would love to see switch port mapper for the web. I don't know what I would do with myself having that tool available within NPM.