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    npm 11.5  default.domain.invalid




      backstory: we currently are using a couple of componenets from solarwinds and are very new to using these items. we have Npm 11.5 and we use this to monitor our voice systems/Firewall and we have 11 managed nodes,


      Problem: on one of the nodes we are monitoring we have noticed that instead of saying the domian, it now has "default.domain.invalid" and we are getting alerts on the node saying that this node is down.. but when I go onto Npm  and I look on the node it is saying the Node is up! I have tried a couple of times to rediscover the node to see if this will help and no luck in helping me.. we are not getting any alerts because we have acknowledge the alert to help stop the count of emails.. does anyone happen to have and ideas?


      any help is always greatly appericated