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    Report showing all servers running specific services...


      Does anyone know how to create a report in SolarWinds that provides a list of all Windows servers running a defined set of services? This is easy in SCCM, but can't find a way to pull it off easily in SolarWinds (and we don't have SCCM installed).


      When looking at a node in SolarWinds, there is a "Service Control Manager" link icon that launches the Services Control panel. The panel is rendered in the browser as http://servername:80/Orion/APM/Admin/RealTimeServices/Default.aspx?NodeId=xxx&CredentialsId=-3. I can't locate the database table that provides the service name. Are these attributes stored in the in SW DB?


      I created a ticket for this, but haven't heard back from the support team, and we need something quickly...