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    Approval process based on variables


      I am new to WebHelpDesk. I'm using this to track legal department requests.


      When a client submits a ticket, I have a Change Advisory Board set up to receive notice and give their approval. For some tickets, I would like additional people to receive and approve based on variables.


      Example -- does this deal include XXX? yes/no. When the client selects Yes, I would like the 2nd approval process to run with a new set of approvers.

      I've set up custom fields to capture the yes/no variable.


      What's the best/easiest way to accomplish this?



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          Currently there is no way to add logic to custom fields or based on custom fields. May want to upvote this existing enhancement request. (Custom Field Logic)

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            You may be able to accomplish this with custom fields and Action Rules. If %customfield% >= X then change Request Type to Y where Y requires different approval.

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              thanks. Unfortunately, I'm not sure that will work very well.


              I'm using this for a legal department help desk. Here's the scenario:

              Client requests that I draft a new contract. Contracts are the same but they might include different products.


              My ticket request says: Question, does the contract include X, Y, or Z


              My approval process is:

              If none, then CFO must approve

              If X, then CFO plus Sales Manager must approve

              If Y, then CFO plus Accounting Manager must approve

              If Z, then CFO plus CEO must approve



              If I use the custom field & action rule, I would think I'd have to have 4 different versions of the same request type (since it's all still requesting a new contract) and 4 different approval processes. Very clunky.

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                boslaw I tried to do the exact same thing and it seems like you can't have 2 different approval processes on the 1 ticket. I was trying to have an approval process to begin a request and then when a "test complete" custom field was changed to "yes" it generate a 2nd approval request to approve the software being pushed out to production. The ticket picks up the action rule but does add a 2nd approval step so we changed it to only generate the approval process after testing is complete and not at ticket creation.


                In your case, yes you would need 4 separate action rules based on that custom field trigger.