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    11.5.2 hotfix question


      Upgraded to 11.5.2 and created an alert that fires off when my pollers stop updating the database opened a ticket with support



      We have had 2 instances in the past 7 days where the primary polling engine stops updating the database. There have been no ACL changes that would have stopped communication across the servers and the Primary and Additional pollers are both in the same subnet (we are not having any problems with our APE).

      Thus far, running a configuration wizard on the primary poller has resolved the issue both times, but we need a root cause identified so that we can prevent this from occurring in the future.

      so after much same old same with support , logs files and repair the core installer a few times , re-run the configure wizard

      Question based on this hotfix

      SolarWinds Orion Platform 2015.1.2 Hotfix 2



      This cumulative HotFix addresses these issues:


      Orion Platform 2015.1.2 Hotfix 1

      * Interface alerts retrigger when a node is deleted.

      * Orion thresholds are not filtered by type.


      This Hotfix also updates the topology calculation behavior. When possible, MAC Address information related to a port is added to help map the connection target interface from the LLDP data when the RemotePortId uses the MAC Address Port Subtype.


      Orion Platform 2015.1.2 Hotfix 2

      * Allied-Telesis device shown as Allied-Telesyn.

      * The Message Center does not work for non-administrator user accounts.

      * Filter Nodes (SQL) fails for the Report from Orion Report Writer resource.

      * The 2 MB line is duplicated on the Report Chart.

      * You are notified that your database maintenance is overdue after your nightly database maintenance.

      * The polling engine is slow or non-reporting.

      * Network Discoveries does not complete.

      Would resolve my issue - support said not needed but in bold says slow or not reporitng am I reading that wrong