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    Solarwinds Cert?


      Been using Solarwinds for a while and just found out they have a certification. Anyone look into that or have it and is there any value?



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          Leon Adato

          Yup, there are plenty of people here who have their SCP cert. It's value depends on what you mean, and how your organization views it. For me it was more of a personal pride thing. I'll let others chime in as to whether they found it valuable to their career growth or job opportunities.

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            I agree with adatole.  Pride is definitely a part of it.  I found that having the SCP said to my employer that I wanted to take monitoring seriously and not just as "all other duties as assigned by your manager" task.  That seriousness towards monitoring led me to my current role with a very large, multi-national healthcare company doing monitoring full-time.


            I certainly can't see how having an SCP would hurt your career in any way.

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              Prashant Singh

              Monitoring is being recognized as a separate stream and guys from other fields are choosing it as a full time job. Solarwinds products cover various aspects of monitoring from enterprise to Cloud and widely accepted in the industry. Having this certification will definitely add value to your profile.