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    Emailing HTML reports



      We are new to SRM just recently migrating over from STM.  We get a weekly report of SAN health in STM and I have been trying to set up a similar report in SRM.  However, no matter which report I choose, or even when building a custom one, all that the email includes is a link to the report.  Isn't there a way to embed the HTML in the message body like STM does?  That way I don't have to be connected on our network to read the email and see the report itself.  I've been reading, looking around, and experimenting, and so far I cannot see a way to do this. Maybe I'm missing something simple.  I was just wondering if it is possible, before I put more time in to this.  The data is there, the issue is just getting it to put the data in the email body, rather than just a link to the report.  Thanks!

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          Anybody dealt with reports in SRM at all???  Seems like there should be a way to replace STM's reports, but so far I'm not finding a way to take care of this issue.

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              Lubomir Krausko

              Hi ,

              What you are describing should be possible in SRM Orion. Try to do following:


              Open a link in Settings > Manage Reports

              Navigate to Schedule Manager tab

              Click to Create New Schedule button to open a schedule wizard

                   1 Step: specify Name of that schedule and assign the report you'd like to have

                   2 Step: create a frequency

                   3 Step: select a type of action (Email in your case) and then click to "Configure Action" button where you put Recipients and Message (in that section you can see File type where you can select what type of report you'll get - PDF, HTML, CSV, ...) so ensure you have selected HTML file type and also ensure you have HTML option selected under the Message

                   4 Step: summary so just click "Create Schedule" button


              If you want to test it, you can select the created schedule and click "Run Now" button