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    Monitor autostarting SQL service - How to turn this off


      I am evaluating DPA and noticed that if I turn off the service to a monitored SQL server, DPA will restart the service when it noticed that it's stopped.  Is there a way to stop this behavior?  If a SQL Server service is stopped, I would prefer to investigate rather than have it automatically restarted.



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          Do you mean that the actual SQL Server windows Service is being restarted, not just the DPA monitoring itself?


          I don't think DPA has that functionality (unless it is new in 9.2). It will attempt to restart monitoring, but as far as I know, there's no option to restart the database services themselves.


          Are you sure you don't have autorestart configured on the SQL Server?

          Open the SQL Server Management Studio Management folder, right-click the SQL Server Agent entry, and select Properties.

          On the General page, see if the Auto Restart SQL Server If It Stops Unexpectedly check box is ticked.