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    Web Reports - Netflow URL - PDF Saves before Chart Graph is complete




      I've been trying to schedule some Netflow Reports for specific URL links.

      This work when you schedule the URL to run only, and then save it to pdf, but the problem is that the graph, and data in the chart takes a while to display, so the PDF saves/prints before the complete graph and data is displayed.

      It still prints the pdf but with incomplete data.


      Does anyone know how I can delay the PDF print process?

      I've also tried editing the "ExportToPDFCmd.exe.config" file, and increased the timers pretty high on both these options:




      It still doesn't wait for the graph to finish before printing the PDF, the url is seen as completed after it's loaded, even though the graph is still retrieving information separately.


      Any ideas?

      Please don't say I need to use the OrionReport Writer, I need to display specific data filtered for IP groups, and I've tried to write this with the ReportWriter but I'm unable to get that working correctly.


      Thank you in advance for any responses.