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    Using the DHCP subnet name as DisplayName if no name was imported from XLS


      Hello everyone,


      I import my subnets from an excel sheet, where I use the remark column as display name. If this column is empty, the display name automatically contains the address and subnetmask.

      What I would like to do is use the name which is configured on the dhcp server as a display name instead of address and subnetmask.


      This means for example:


      1. Import subnets (no remark --> used as display name)

      2. Add dhcp scopes --> if display name equals <subnet>/<mask> then replace by dhcp-subnet-name, else: don't overwrite existing name


      The reason why I would like to do this rather then filling in the empty remark fields in our Excel sheet is because we have about 6000 lines and this would be really time consuming...


      Also I don't want the dhcp-subnet-name used as display name in general, because in some cases the remark-field in excel is more meaningful and makes more sense as display name.

        • Re: Using the DHCP subnet name as DisplayName if no name was imported from XLS

          Subnet which are imported through Spreadsheet will have display name as Address and subnet mask if none is specified in display name column.

          Subnet display name will not be overwritten if DHCP server and DHCP scope is added after import process.

          Before import of subnets if you have DHCP scopes which in turn will create the corresponding subnets then Display name of imported subnet will not be over written by DHCP server scan.


          So far we can generate two ways for generating subnet.One way is adding DHCP server and other possible way is adding subnet other than DHCP server scan(importing subnet through spread sheet,Automatic subnet discovery,Bulk add subnets).

          First method you have chosen will be retained in IPAM.