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    Help with simple Json query?




      I need query that will give me all the nodes with CP to every node order by node id


      Have node ID Okay but how do I join CP and other field from the node table to that JSON query  ?





      I run NPM 11.1.

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          You can query using extended properties. In SWQL, instead of writing a join query, extended properties can be used. Refer to "C:\Program Files (x86)\SolarWinds\Orion SDK\Documentation\Orion SDK.pdf" for details about extended properties.


          Provided below a sample query to query Orion.Nodes's properties and CPs.


          select NodeID, Caption, IP_Address, Nodes.CustomProperties.City

          from orion.nodes


          Here to query custom properties of nodes, we can add Nodes.CustomProperties.City (EntityName.ExtendedPropertyLinkName.PropertyName)


          You can also open SWQL Studio to see the list of extended property links that are created to each entity (Those with link icon)