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    Juniper switches - sFlow adaptive sampling rate


      Our Juniper EX switches are configured for sFlow sampling, and send this data to an NPM instance running NTA 4.1.0. This works fine in principle, but I wonder if the data is correct:


      Juniper switches use an adaptive sampling rate, per interface, depending on interface load. In NTA, under NetFlow Settings -> Manage NetFlow Sources, it seems that Orion assumes a global sampling rate for each system.

      Is that just a display problem, and NTA correctly calculates with current rate for each sFlow sample, or does it use the auto-detected sample rate for all data for that switch?


      Example from show sflow interfaces on a Juniper switch:


      Interface Status
      Sample rate






                 Egress  Ingress Egress     IngressEgressIngress
      xe-0/0/0.0  Enabled Enabled5000 5000     8000080000    30
      xe-0/0/1.0  Enabled Enabled5000 5000     4000040000    30
      xe-0/0/10.0 Enabled Enabled5000 5000     160000      16000030
      xe-0/0/11.0 Enabled Enabled5000 5000     8000080000    30
      xe-0/0/12.0 Enabled Enabled5000 5000     160000      16000030
      xe-0/0/35.0 Enabled Enabled5000 5000     320000      32000030


      At the same time, NTA shows this (when I expand one of the systems, I see the above sFlow interfaces, but no sample rate attached to the interfaces themselves:


      orion juniper sample rate.jpg