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    IPAM Filters


      I've searched through the forums here, but so far have only found a dated post from 2010 asking for a 'not available' filter so that used, reserved, transient, and DHCP managed addresses would show up.  Basically I want to be able to view a list of all of our used addresses without having to sift through all the available addresses as well.  The only way I can think of doing this with the current setup is changing our static assignments from 'used' to 'reserved' so that I can view them all on one filter.  Does anyone know if we can create custom filters or if Solarwinds plans on implementing more filter options?

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          You may create an custom SWQL report which will give the list of 'Not available' ipAddress list.Could you use the below query to get the list of Not available ip Address collection



          SELECT IPAddress, CASE i.status WHEN 1 THEN 'USED' WHEN 4 THEN 'Reserved'  WHEN 8 THEN 'Transient' END as Status FROM IPAM.IPNode I

          Where i.Status !=2