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    Server and Web console version mismatch after upgrade


      Hello all,


      Wondering if anyone ran into this issue when upgrading Patch Manager to it's latest version. I've upgrade both Orion and Patch Manager to version using the full upgrade on the Orion server and the upgrader on the Patch Manager server. All read the same version in the control panels but the web console and Patch Manager console both tell me that the version on the server is Is there something wrong with the upgrade installer that has pushed the server versioning past what it should be?

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          I think I have the same issue when I partially update the PM, in hot fix that you could download from Customer Portal for PM, you have a files to upgrade console and server, when I update by replacing dll file only for console I receive the same info. I think you should download hotfix, and replace files with instruction in readme file, but only for the console. Dont forget to backup original dll files.


          Regards Mark