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    NPM is showing 40% CPU usage for my Linux Server when it's actually near 100%


      I have a couple of virtualized SUSE Linux Enterprise 11, SP2 servers being monitored by SolarWinds. vSphere 5.5 performance monitor shows the CPU usage on two of them pegged at 100%, yet the graphs in SolarWinds only show them at about 40 percent.



      VCenter Performance graph



      SolarWinds- PPIProdDB.jpg

      SolarWinds performance graph.


      Looking a the Real-Time Process Explorer in SolarWinds reveals there is a process (dataserver) that is using 100% CPU time.


      I've identified the issue that caused the CPU spike, and am fixing it, but was wondering why SolarWinds didn't pick it up. Apparently this issue started about two weeks ago with the CPU being pegged at 100% all the time, but SolarWinds never picked up on it. The only reason we noticed what was going on was because we were checking VCenter for something else and noticed the alert there.


      Any ideas what's going on? This is almost the reverse problem that @darkfiber had back in 2009 (NPM is showing 100% CPU usage for my linux server when it's actually 2%)


      We are currently using NPM version 11.0.1