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    SRM Retention Settings


      Hey team,


      I'm looking for, and really struggling, to find the retention settings for SRM.  Can you tell me where these settings are located?  Or do they correlate with another setting, NPM node or volume retention settings for example?




      Jason Henson

      Loop1 Systems


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          Lubomir Krausko

          Hi ,

          The settings are not correlated with any other module's settings, but the link should be in the same area as for example NPM. Maybe I am not follow what you particularly mean, but the SRM settings path is following: "Settings" (top right corner) -> "Product Specific Settings" group -> "SRM Settings"


          If I misunderstood what you really need, please let me know.





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              Thank you sir for the reply.  Yes, I am looking for something more.  I'm specifically looking for the retention settings.  As you can see from this screen shot...SRM Settings 2.JPG


              You'll see the history stored under Performance Summary.  I need to know where I tell SRM how much history to hold onto before purging it during nightly maintenance.


              Here's is a capture of my SRM Settings.  I've looked in here, and maybe I'm overlooking it, but I don't see where I can tell SRM how much history to retain. 


              SRM Settings 1.JPG



              The Admin Guide (or Help Guide in this case) doesn't say anything about retention configurations which I thought was odd when others do.  Is the 'Help Guide' any less of an Administrative Guide than the other products offer in their documentation?


              I really appreciate your help.