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    Service Tag for Dell Switches


      Good day everyone,


      I am trying to get warranty information for a number of Dell switches we have in your environment.

      Is there any way NPM or NCM can give me that info?


      If neither of of the above products can provide the information can anyone assist with getting service tag?

      Thus far, I've been able to create a UnDP that finds the service tag, However it is stored in a table and are only displayed in Tabular Universal Device Poller. Essentially, I'm trying to create a report that will list the devices and their respective service tags.


      Any assistance will be greatly appreciated.

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          Not sure about the warranty part, but we get our service tags from the hardware information:


          • Create report based on NODES
          • Add criteria if needed (my report hasn't got any criteria in this case)
          • Add node columns as needed + Service Tag column from Overall Hardware Status as below



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              Thanks alexslv! That was quite helpful. I was able to get this.



              Unfortunately, Dell switches have a serial number AND a service tag. When I select service tag as you demonstrated, it retrieves the serial number shown above, which from what we can tell cannot be used to get warranty info. We need the 7 character alphanumeric service tag which is stored elsewhere in the MIB.

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                  ok, I have to confess - I don't have any UnDPs configured in my environment. The logic would be to create report based on SQL. SQL will need to join two tables - CustoPollerStatistic and Nodes and then it would output your UnDP Tag value along with node name. I think it is fairly easy - just give me table names and columns that store your data for Tags and I will help you with SQL

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                      Thanks for the offer alexslv. Since we're confessing things, I should confess that I don't know SQL or DBs.

                      I would like your assistance, but I don't know how to get the info you require.

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                          OK, you were saying above that you have managed to get this info via UnDP already. Where does this info sits? Are you displaying this as a resource on your node page? Can you send screenshot?


                          The problem is - since I don't have UnDP - I do not know which table those records belong to... Just send screenshot first how do you see this data over UnDP and we will work it out

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                              Here we go!


                              The info for the UnDP sits on the node details page like this:


                              As you can see, the service tag info isn't displayed there because that is a table.

                              So to be able to see that I have to add this resource:

                              UnDP table.PNG

                              And because there is always something to throw everything outta whack we have this:


                              That is a few stacked switched we have so it returns the service tags of all the switches in the stack. They are only about 2 or 2 of these, but I wanted to show you in case.

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                                  What version of NPM this is?

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                                    Try this:


                                    • Create web-based report > custom table
                                    • Selection method: Advanced DataBase Query
                                    • Query Type: SQL
                                    • Paste below > preview result > ADD TO LAYOUT
                                    • Then edit table and add all columns that you want
                                    • NEXT > NEXT > NEXT ...




                                      cps.Status AS 'Service Tag',




                                    FROM SolarWinds.dbo.CustomPollerStatus cps

                                    JOIN SolarWinds.dbo.CustomPollerAssignment cpa ON cpa.CustomPollerAssignmentID = cps.CustomPollerAssignmentID

                                    JOIN SolarWinds.dbo.Nodes n ON n.NodeID = cpa.NodeID

                                    JOIN SolarWinds.dbo.CustomPollers cp ON cp.CustomPollerID = cpa.CustomPollerID


                                      cp.UniqueName = 'productIdentificationServiceTag' AND --this is exact name of your custom poller as you have named it when created UnDP

                                      cps.Status IS NOT NULL AND cps.Status <> '' --exclude rows with blank value for service tags


                                    By the way, RowID is actually representing ID of the hardware component within the device itself, that's why it is a TABLE. For example those two records for single device simply means that you have two separate hardware components in there with different (or maybe the same) warranty tag. It would be cool to be able to translate RowID into actual element and this is possible with further UnDP queries and little bit SQLing - but I will eave it for you to try and learn if you wish

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