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    Network Sonar Discovery list missing subnets and schedules after 11.5.2 update


      Yesterday I updated our NPM from 11.5.1 to 11.5.2 (as well as applied the "OrionPlatformv2015 1.2. HotFix1 "). Everything appears to be in working order except Network Sonar Discovery. We had manually entered a list of several subnets we wanted to discover bi-annually and had created specific staggered schedules for. As of today, we noticed several of the subnet entries are missing completely. My questions are this:


      1) - Does anyone know where in the SQL DB this data is stored?

      2) - Can I export this list prior to an NPM update in the future, so if it loses the list again, I have a restore point? I know there is a "Export to PDF" option for this list, but this is going to still entail a manual entry and audit of missing data...