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    Increasing the Root Partition Size [SolarWinds Web Help Desk Virtual Appliance]


      This is a risky step so do with CAUTION.

      First, create a CLONE of the VA specially for VMware since you cannot edit the hardware if a checkpoint is present.

      Do the process of re-sizing the first virtual drive of the CLONED VA (usually the 10GB one) within your Virtualization Management App (vSphere or Hyper-V Manager).



      1. SSH to the clone of the VA as root

      2. Stop WHD

                service webhelpdesk stop


      3. Display the list of partition spaces:

                df -h


      4. Edit the partition table for the disk where the root partition is mapped (usually /dev/sda).

                fdisk /dev/sda


                then DO: d,3,n,p,3,enter,enter,w


      5. Reboot the whole VA.


      6. Resize the root partition to reflect the new disk size. It will take a while so be patient.

                resize2fs /dev/sda3


      7. Display the list of partition spaces again to verify if the size has increased:

                df -h



      Once this is all successful, you can then make this clone VA your main one and can create a checkpoint for backup.


      Do not do the same step for the "DATA1" partition as this will fail all the time and you will loose data on that partition where the PGDATA is located.


      Hope this helps.