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    Alert Central - NTP?


      I can't find any current documents or discussions around where to set the default timezone and system timezone of the Alert Central appliance.  I have the timezone set for each user, but where do I verify that the system has the correct time itself?  I've found a number of articles and screenshots of older versions of Alert Central that had a "System" tab where settings like this are configured.  VMware tools is up to date, but it doesn't help that I can't access the command line of this virtual appliance to set the settings I want.  Anyone know how to do that?




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          You should have a management interface linked to the IP address of the machine.  It should be the IP address of the server and a port number, ours was 5480.  You should be able to manage the local machine time settings from here.  This is where the system tab you were looking for is found.


          Hope this helps!