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    Cisco Catalyst 3850


      I'm trying to add monitoring for a Cisco Catalyst 3850 switch stack in my IPMonitor installation.  When I try to add the device, it only comes back from scanning the device with a ping monitor and an snmp monitor.  The SNMP parameters are defined correctly on the switch.  Do I need to load different MIBs for the 3850s? 

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          A new MIB will not add new monitors to a device if the OIDs being polled do not come back with anything.  Try the following:


          1. Click the configuration tab


          2. Click SNMP Monitor Wizard


          3. Type in the IP address of your Cisco 3850 in the section "IP address or hostname:"


          4. Change the Community as needed


          5. Click Next


          Do you get back the system uptime?