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    NTA 3.11 EOL / EOS


      Has there been a date set as yet for NTA 3.11?

      I'm trying to push an instance to be upgraded. No really I am. I don't want to support NTA 3.11 either, cause of the great faster response due to lower MSSQL reliance, other instances I maintain are already on 4.x and customer feedback is great.

      Regardless what I've advised from the technical perspective, the customer wants to stand their ground and not pay for project upgrade... "customer is always right"
      I'm looking for that vendor endorsed trump card - aka "Vendor no longer supports it"


      According to Currently Supported Software Versions

      • NetFlow Traffic Analyzer
      • Latest Version: 4.1
      • Oldest Supported Version: 4.0

      However there is NO actual EOL/EOS announcement for 3.11 in the expanded text.

      Are you able to advise as yet michal.hrncirik ?

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          johnny ringo

          I would like to know as well.  I use 3.11 in several instances because we don't have a requirement for high flow retention and do not have the available resources that SW recommends for the FSDB.

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              Johnny, what's your current flow rate as well as number of end points and retention period?


              Depending on these you could be able to get away with it as I have on 2 instances.

              From memory we're doing 35days @ 7,500f/s peak / 6,000 f/s av. <200Gb drive on the same box.

              [If you can use sample flow which we're not, then you will get even more flows with less impact to the server processing]


              I'll dig up the server specs from the server when I get into work this morning.

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                  johnny ringo

                  thanks @squinsey,  in many cases I assist clients who set up instances for short durations, says weeks to 2 months at most, granular data for as long as possible is important but the number of end points and flows per second is pretty small, say 2000 endpoints.

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                      Sorry Johnny....Lost the thread amongst the workload...
                      With endpoints I take it you are referring to actual workstation etc, not the amount of NetFlow senders?


                      Here is one of our NTA application settings...(3days average is a low due to it containing half the weekend)


                      NTA Flow Storage Database Settings

                      Retention period:            35 days

                      Delete expired data:     

                      Average received flow/second:
                                      Last 5 minutes: 5828      

                                      Last 24 hours:    5039      

                                      Last 3 days:         4585      

                      Database Size:

                        Current size:      186.2 GB [230GB dedicated disk - fast I/O storage array]


                      The App server itself is running: (also has the FSDb attached)

                      4 CPU

                      8GB RAM.

                      NPM 11.5.2, NTA 4.1.1, VNQM 4.1, IPAM 4.0, NCM 7.2.2


                      MSSQL Db is separate server:

                      4 CPU

                      16GB RAM.


                      We'll be adding more memory no doubt as UDT will be added soon. There is still not the need for an APE due to low element count:













                      10 %


                      62.7 %
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                          johnny ringo

                          Thanks squinsey!  This is very helpful.  Given the performance you are seeing I will need to try and do some testing to verify, but I think my current hardware would support the CPU and memory but the HDD and I/O would be very close.  Hopefully, I can convince my boss to do some upgrades.


                          However, it would be nice to get a official comment from SolarWinds on EOS for NTA 3.11.  michal.hrncirik?

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                    Hi guys,


                    I'm sorry for late response (vacation). Thanks for pointing out to the inconsistency in our EOL/EOS messaging and v3.11. The truth is 3.11 will be moved under EOS/EOE soon as we do not any longer improving NTA on SQL data store. All the new functionality (including app-flows, QoS management, etc.) will be supported on FSDB only. If you do not have big environment and/or if you have less than 1000 flows/s you may install FSDB on the same server as your NTA runs at (8GB ram is OK).