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    Renaming nodes to match DNS


      Currently we have quite many nodes with their IP on SAM. What would be the easiest way to rename those on what the hostname is? I know how to fetch these nodes from SAM with the SDK but my skills with powershell pretty much ends in here and I have no clue which way to go.

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          Travel day so pardon the short response.

          So when adding a node Orion uses DNS name if it can get one. If you have a bunch of IP's for caption then did you add DNS after adding into Orion or are there no DNS at all?


          I would query through SDK nodes whose caption <> DNS.

          Let this fill DNS and URI variables. Start there.


          Then you can write a ForEach($item in $URI) { "insert sdk verb to update caption with DNS"}

          Test this manually before trying inside a ForEach.


          I know you said hostname vs DNS but string manipulation can handle that.

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            Hello mikkok,

            I would use SQL for this task,

            UPDATE NodeData set Caption=DNS where DNS !=''


            This would update the caption for all nodes to the value in the DNS field where the DNS field has a value


            To preview the changes you could run

            select dns,caption from NodesData where DNS !=''




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              Too ironic, I just did this in my system. Except I didn't want the FQDN, We wanted to use the short name. I went with the SQL update path.


              ## First let's see how many results we have that look like an IP Address

              SELECT   SUBSTRING(DNS, 1, (CHARINDEX('.', DNS, 0)-1))

                FROM    [SolarWindsOrionNA].[dbo].[Nodes]

                WHERE Caption like '10.%'

                AND       (DNS is not null OR DNS != '')

                AND       DNS like '%.%'


                ## Now let's run update on the previous result set

                UPDATE  [SolarWindsOrionNA].[dbo].[Nodes]

                SET         Caption = SUBSTRING(DNS, 1, (CHARINDEX('.', DNS, 0)-1))

                WHERE  Caption like '10.%'

                AND        (DNS is not null OR DNS != '')

                AND        DNS like '%.%'