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    SolarWinds WHD Virtual Appliance Console Login Screen


      For those who have used the SolarWinds WHD Virtual Appliance and you have recently updated the CentOS Linux Operating System with `yum update`, then you must be missing that blue console screen:


      To fix that, you can simply do the following:

      1.  SSH to the VA as admin.

      2. Update the config file /etc/init/start-ttys.conf adding the line "initctl start vamitty TTY=/dev/tty1" before the end of the script. In short, make look like below and save it:


      # This service starts the configured number of gettys.



      start on stopped rc RUNLEVEL=[2345]



      env ACTIVE_CONSOLES=/dev/tty[2-6]

      env X_TTY=/dev/tty1



              . /etc/sysconfig/init

              for tty in $(echo $ACTIVE_CONSOLES) ; do

                      [ "$RUNLEVEL" = "5" -a "$tty" = "$X_TTY" ] && continue

                      initctl start tty TTY=$tty


      initctl start vamitty TTY=/dev/tty1

      end script

      3. You can then restart your whole VA.


      Hope this helps...