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    Mid-life Change of Asset Number - Possible? Impacts?


      We are just starting with WHD for help tickets and asset management. I am wondering how WHD handles record keeping for an asset whose asset number might change during its lifetime.


      Our laptops are given sequential asset number labels and inventoried accordingly. Our asset label is affixed to the bezel surrounding the screen on our MacBook Airs. When repairing cracked LCD screens, Apple has recently begun replacing the entire top case unit (including the bezel). That means our asset label gets returned to Apple on the bezel.


      How does WHD asset management handle a change of asset number for an item? Does it automatically update all records in the asset's history with the new asset number? If not, does anyone have suggestions for how to manage a situation like that? I'd hate to have to live with making "notes" in an asset record that the asset has had a previous asset number(s).


      Thanks for any input...