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    Is there a way to put a quota limit on the size of the SolarWindsOrion database?


      I have noticed that the two top tables that can grow uncontrollably overnight are syslogs and traps.  Along with traps, the trapvarbinds also gets bigger.  The recent issue I had with our SQL server is that we had no space left for a maintenance backup after the trapvarbinds table suddenly ate up all the disk free space.  Together with the failure to do a maintenance backup, there is a problem of growing transaction logs.  We were able to solve the issue by expanding the disk size with additional SAN storage allocation.  (By the way, the backup target, and the database are using the same disk drive.)


      However, my new concern now is this.  Can I limit the size of trapvarbinds table and the transaction logs? Or is there a way to limit the size of SolarwindsOrion database itself?  If I can put a limit to their sizes, I can always make sure that I'll always have free space enough for maintenance backup.