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    Server unreachable after upgrade to 10.10 (Mac)


      After the above mentioned upgrade, both my MDM server (JAMF/Casper) and WHD were unable to be reached by client browser or from the server's only local interface.  The MDM fix was to install a missing java component, but SolarWinds tech that I spoke to for a couple hours had no luck.  His solution was based around trying to modify the hosts file so that the name of the server was specifically put into the host file (i.e. = local.server.name.local etc. ) We didn't reach a solution that way - it continues to give the error "can't open the page "xxx.xxx.org:8081" because Safari can't reach the server "xxx.xxx.org"  Same type of message w/ Firefox and Chrome.

      Mac server did have profile manager and Open Directory turned on; I've turned them off and restarted and gotten no further at troubleshooting this.  Any suggestions appreciated.