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    FAQs and Surveys


      When a client clicks on the FAQ link within a note in a ticket nothing happens. This also happens when they click the link within the email response they get after a new note has been saved. Surveys are doing the same thing.  When I try to test it on my computer it works fine...opens up a new window with the correct webpage.  Now if I try and do it on my iPhone it doesn't  work. Says can not contact server. Is this a computer issue or some setting within WHD?  I am thinking computer but want to run it by here and see if anyone has any insight.

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          More to the story...It appears that the URL for the FAQ is using the server name plus port.  How do you change that?  If I replace that with the correct starting URL the link works fine.  Below are the two links:





          Web Help Desk

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              If you started out using 8081 as your port and you changed to 80 or 443, I think there's a SQL script you can get from support to update your database entries.

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                  Yes that would be the case I assume. 

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                      Please use this script to update the HOST_PORT from your WHD database:


                      UPDATE PREFERENCE SET HOST_PORT=80;


                      In addition, also make sure that the Server DNS Name is properly configured in the following location:


                      Setup > General > Options > Server DNS Name


                      Hope this helps.

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                          Thanks for the info.  Unfortunately I can not seem to connect to the Database t run that script.  Just another issue .  I did find that the Server DNS Name was wrong so I changed that.  It did change the link for the FAQ but added :8081 so it still will not work.  I am not sure why I can not connect to the database ( I never set it up the connection when I installed WHD in the beginning).  Is there a way to reset the UN and PW for the database? Not sure if that is even the issue.

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                              The DB details should be in whd.db.host=stv-sql-021 c:\INSTALLDIRECTORY\conf\.whd.properties


                              If you’re using PostgreSQL, then try this, running it from the server.




                              Mine looks like this, albeit MSSQL

                              #Web Help Desk configuration file

                              #Wed Jun 10 10:11:28 BST 2015













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                              If you are running 12.2 / 12.3 get updated to 12.3.0 hotfix 3 as that has resolved issues with the FAQ links

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                        Thank you all for the help.  I was able to run the scrip and update the host_port to 80 which fixed my issue . I have plans to upgrade to 12.3 when time permits but for now everything is working.  Thanks again and happy Sysadmin Day