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    Microtik Backup file unreadable


      Good Morning,


      We are testing Cattools and have configured it to backup our Microtik routers, which it seems to be doing. The issue is when I open the txt backup files I just seem to be getting garbage? (Please see below)



      [lsham@LSCore] > export


      # jul/16/2015 02:06:36 by RouterOS 6.23

      # software id = NK9K-T5V2


      [m [36m/interface [m  [m [36mbridge

      [m [35madd [m  [m [32mname [m [33m= [mBR-LocalLan

      [m [35madd [m  [m [32mname [m [33m= [mVLAN-Bridge

      [m [36m/interface [m  [m [36methernet

      [m [35mset [m  [m [33m[ [m  [m [35mfind [m  [m [32;1mdefault-name [m [33m= [mether1  [m [33m] [m  [m [32mcomment [m [33m=" [mTo Logical LAN [m [33m" [m  [m [32ml2mtu [m [33m= [m1590

      [m [35mset [m  [m [33m[ [m  [m [35mfind [m  [m [32;1mdefault-name [m [33m= [mether2  [m [33m] [m  [m [32ml2mtu [m [33m= [m1590

      [m [35mset [m  [m [33m[ [m  [m [35mfind [m  [m [32;1mdefault-name [m [33m= [mether3  [m [33m] [m  [m [32ml2mtu [m [33m= [m1590



      I have tried a number of different text editors with the same result.




      Anyone got any ideas how to resolve this? My Juniper backups seem fine...


      Thanks in advance


      Alan Scott