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    Return Linux root space from Perl script into email alert


      We have a number of Linux servers and like a number of discussions, it SNMP doesn't take into account the reserved memory off the root partition.


      I've found a Perl script that works well to poll the space left as the OS sees it.



      @stat=split(" ",`df -Pm | grep "\/\$"`);

      $exit=`echo $?`;

      if ( $exit == 0 ) {

              print "Message: Available space on / partition in MB : $stat[3]\n";

              print "Statistic: $stat[3]\n";

              exit 0;


      print "Message: ERROR: Check the command (df) syntax in script.\n";

      exit 1;


      Is there a way to have the returned value of available space included in the generated email notification?


      Thanks for your help !


      Linux Drive Monitors not Accounting for Reserved Space

      Need help with a Perl script please!