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    WHD - Multiple Emails Generating from One Rule


      WHD has the function of sending an email to a specified client whenever the Notes "Send" button is clicked.   We're finding that the WHD is sending multiple duplicate email requests out to the exchange server.  The recipient database is loading up with as many as 10 duplicate emails.  That customer is not happy with that feature.


      Note that the process time for "Note Send" requests is much longer than usual, sometimes as much as 20 seconds.  During this time, the FireFox tab is left spinning (waiting), then right spinning (pulling data). 


      I suspect that the repeated emails are triggered if the browser is spinning and additional button clicks are occurring on the same ticket.


      We can see in the email history that WHD is sending multiple email requests to the exchange server.

      Any ideas on how to fix or if this qualifies as a bug?

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          We have the same issue.


          Our team started to avoid using the Send & E-Mail button because it delayed the browser (Google Chrome) with a spinning wheel. As a workaround we started using the Send a note feature and now we get duplicate emails sent after a short delay. it could be between 3 to 7 duplicate emails. This presents a lack of professionalism across our IT services function.


          Any pointers would be appreciated.


          WHD Version we are using is 12.5.0