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    Netflow questions


      I am trying to monitor traffic a connection between to Cisco 6500s.


      Is there a guide that will show me how to configure the netflow?  And also, how to I tell if our Orion setup has netflow installed? 


      Thank you


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          If you're looking to see what traffic is going between the two, you need to enable netflow on the interface that directly connects the two, or on the interface on both sides of the infrastructure. My google-fu is strong today: I found this slide pack which will help you setup netflow on your devices:




          Hope this helps!

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            You can tell if NTA is installed by your Orion webpage.  See if it has a "netflow" tab. If it does, you are in business.


            How to configure is open to interpretation.  We use netflow v5 or 9 configurations.  Here is a sample I use to quickly inject a router with netflow configs and then what I turn up on the interface.



            global cisco commands:


            ip flow-export destination 2055    ( would be subbed for your NTA polling module)

            ip flow-cache timeout active 1

            ip flow-export source loopback0

            ip flow-export version 5 (or 9)


            Monitored Interface commands: 

            ip flow ingress

            ip flow egress


            (omit anything in parenthesis)

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              I too am just setting up Netflow, but I have 2 SoncicWall NSA 2400s running os 5.8, one at each site.  Both are running SNMP.  I've gone in and configured them for Netflow v5 and got only bits in and out on one, and nothing on the other.  I tried v9 to see if that changed anything and it hasn't.  The SonicWall netflow set-up seems pretty straight forward, so I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong.  I can't seem to find any explicit directions on it, which also makes me think it is as easy as it looks, but still.... I'm not getting jack for information from them.  Does anyone have information on setting up SonicWall for Netflow?

              As far as I can tell, you turn it on, pick the format, provide the SolarWinds server and all the defaults checked are the ones you need, so I'm baffled as to why I'm not really getting anything.  It was showing in Orion and the SNMP information was putting it in the right spot.  When I turned Netflow on on them, they soon appeared on the Netflow tab, so something is coming through or they wouldn't have popped up.

              What am I missing?