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    Advanced Alert Manager for Group status - Not getting expected results


      Hi All,


      I am currently trying to setup an alert to email me when the members within a group go into a state of 'critical'.

      At this stage I am not too worried about whether I get an alert that the group itself has gone critical, or that one member within the group has gone critical.


      Now my group looks like the following as an example:


      Group Name: TestGroup

      Group contents: custom poller 1 linked to node ABC, custom poller 1 linked to node DEF, custom poller 1 linked to node GHI


      Note I am running the following versions, in newer versions I have found this task a lot easier so may be a quirk of the older version:


      Orion Version 2014.1.0

      AlertManager Version 2014.1.0


      Within the advanced alert manager I have set my trigger threshold to be:


      Group Name is equal to 'TestGroup'

      GroupID is not empty


      This is just a test to get back information. I have then set the trigger actions to email me all variables related to groups when it is triggered.

      All straight forward so far...



      Now when I come to test the alert using the alert manager test button it lets me pick a network node, so I go ahead and pick node 'ABC' which is associated with one of my custom pollers which in turn is associated to the group where my alert is set to run. The issue is, the resultant email contains the details of a node completely unrelated to the node 'ABC' I specified and also has nothing to do with the group that 'ABC' is a part of?


      My instinct is that the testing tool is not happy testing against groups as it says to select a 'Node / Interface / or Volume' and so is giving me the wrong data from what I expect.

      Is this correct, and if so...should my actual alert do what I would expect it to do?



      In short the alert should trigger when a custom poller associated with my group 'TestGroup' goes into a state of critical, it should then email me so I know to go check it out.

      Pretty sure on the newer version of SolarWinds I did this without issue, but this is not an option where I'm currently rolling this out.



      Any input or help much appreciated, I'll try and clarify any questions people have if my explanation above is not clear enough.

      Note: My custom pollers, and their related status are updating correctly on the node pages and also via the group pages...so it's just this alert that is causing me the issue .



        • Re: Advanced Alert Manager for Group status - Not getting expected results

          Well after much trial and error I found the problem.


          The SolarWInds alert testing tool does not work for alerts against groups.

          Unsure if it's fixed in a later version, but for this one it does not.


          Managed to verify this by changing my custom pollers to an expected failed state, the alert I created then triggered and emailed me the expected output.

          When testing with the tool, the output was incorrect.


          Something to bare in mind for anyone else using this tool.