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    Report on newly added nodes


      Hello all


      A colleague has asked me, if it is possible to create a weekly/monthly report, with a list of nodes added to NPM in the last week/month? (they want to make sure they keep track of new servers/switches)


      Has anyone ever come across this sort of request before? Is there an easy way to achieve (i like easy!)


      Thanks in advance

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          • Select "Custom Table" > Basic Selector > "I want to report on Event"
          • Add Condition > Event Type is equal to "Node Added" > Add to Layout
          • Then go to "Edit Table" and add all columns to the report (EVENT TYPE, EVENT TIME, DESCRIPTION, MESSAGE).
          • Sort record by "Event Time, Descending"
          • To be able to restrict to 1 month/week:
            • Select "Yes" in time based settings
            • Chose date/time column as "Event Time"
            • Leave sample interval as "Show all values..."
            • Expand advanced settings for "Event Time" columns and select data aggregation as "count"
            • SUBMIT
          • Now, you will see another "FROM" date field with drop down selection in the LAYOUT BUILDER step.
          • Select either last week/last month or whatever you want from this drop down
          • NEXT > NEXT > SCHEDULE > NEXT > DONE


          P.S. To clean this up I would go back to "Edit Table" and I would hide all columns in the report associated with event and I would add new ones to be displayed related to the node itself (caption, IP, custom properties, etc). This can all be done via GUI in the table layout


          P.P.S. When you add Node's Caption column - expand advanced settings and select two Display settings as  "Details Page Link" AND "Status Icon (Watermark)". This will give you node's status icons on the report as well as clickable URLs to go directly to the node itself from the report


          By the way... I didn't have this report before... now I do

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            This is brilliant, thankyou