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    Login failed LEM reports


      i am trying to get all log messages from the LEM reports. I installed the Reports and Crystal runtime file on my computer which was not a big issue. But everytime i try to add a manager i can"t ping the connection. Gives me the error that Ping failed. I ignored the ping error and continued to run the a report. But then i get this error telling me that the logon failed with an error code.

      Logon Failed.PNG

      I did some research and found a few thing about this issue. I already all those thing but nothing so far. I am still using the trial version which i don't think should be the issue.

      Need your help guys.

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          Can you please confirm or attempt the following for reports?


          First, what version of the LEM are you running and what version of reports?


          - To find the LEM version, open the console and look at the Blue Screen of Life.  The version is at the top.  Alternatively, open an SSH session and run a VIEWSYSINFO under the MANAGER menu.

          - To find the version of reports, with reports open, enter CTRL + A.  A splash-screen with the version should appear.


          The LEM version and the reports version should match.  Reports 5.7 will work with LEM 5.6 and 5.7, but not with any previous version.


          Second, were all the reports components installed as an Administrator?  This is especially important in Windows Vista, 7 and 8.  Even if you're logged in as a local or domain admin, Windows needs to be explicitly told to run applications as an Administrator to use those rights.  Both the reports console and the Crystal Reports Runtime 11 need to be installed as an Administrator.  If this wasn't the case, please uninstall reports and Crystal and reinstall as an administrator.


          Third, are you running reports as an Administrator when you try to gather data?


          Fourth, can you telnet from your machine to the LEM appliance on port 9001?  You should get some response about HSQL if it works.

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            nicole pauls

            One note on this issue - we do have a Reports Troubleshooting Guide that you may want to check out - http://www.solarwinds.com/documentation/lem/docs/LEMReportsTroubleshootingGuide.pdf (PDF) or SolarWinds Log & Event Manager Reports Troubleshooting Guide (HTML).

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                Is the Lem reporting piece ever going to be fixed, or is it always going to be a highly sensitive install that doesn't work most of the time without jumping through hoops? Probably the worst solarwinds product I have used to date.

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                  I tried installing reports on a windows10 machine and ran into the same login error code in this article.  Fix for me was to change the compatibility of both installers to Windows 7 (recommended in the troubleshooting guide).  I agree with another comment in here that says this installer doesn't seem to work without going through a few hoops for each install.  Hopefully, it gets easier at some point, or ndepth search get's better so i don't need reports.