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    Last status change for interface on node


      I am trying to add a resource view for the Node Details that will show me:


           The name of interface on the node

           The interface's alias

           The interface's current status

           The last time the status of the interface was changed



      So far I have duplicated the "Last Status Change for Each Interface Report" and edited it to show the following:




      Unfortunately it lists every single interface on every single node, I want it to only show the node for which I am currently looking at, and the "Interface Status" doesn't show the current Up/Down status of the interface.

      Also, when I try to add the custom report to the "Report from Orion Report Writer", it doesn't show up in the "Select a Report" drop down menu.







      I cannot find a way to show the information that I have listed above in any of the Node Details tabs. Can anyone help?