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    Netapp Auditing


      I must be missing something simple.

      I have followed (I think) these steps but I can't seem to get it to work.

      SolarWinds Knowledge Base :: Integrating NetApp with LEM 6.x


      I have auditing enabled on the netapp it is creating an adtlog.evt in the /etc/log directory.

      I can open one of those files with Windows and can see the audit information.

      Here is what I did:

      created a local admin user on the Netapp called netappaudit

      created a local admin user called netappaudit on a Windows server with the Solarwinds Agent installed

      Configured the service to login as that user.

      Added the NetApp connector to the same Windows agent that my netappaudit user is configured on.

      for the computer UNC: \\xxx.xxx.xxx   (IP address of the Netapp)

      The connector turns green and there are no errors but I never see any of the audit info.

      If I change to a domain admin who has rights on the Netapp I will get an RPC error.

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          nicole pauls

          Are you able to use the Windows tools to open it remotely by UNC path using that user/password?


          Do you see any other Internal events in the "LEM Internal Events" filter related to the connector after you configure and start it?


          Anything of note in the agent's log (SWLEMAgent.log, or spoplog.txt, in the agent's running directory, usually c:\windows\syswow64\contegoSPOP\)?


          Bonus points - on the agent, if you check out the file readerState.xml (in the tools directory of the above running directory), it's a big fat XML file but you should have a corresponding entry for this connector (search for NetApp) - for that entry, look for the logStartPoint and let me know what you see (e.g. logStartPoint="13456732").