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    Various different logos in e-mail templates




      We closely work with another department on various services. To make work organisation easier we decided to setup department (B) in our WHD installation.


      Never the less we work together to provide the same service we need to ensure that it is not visible to our users. The configuration of the "parallel" setup is quite advanced, but it seems there is a major issue coming to light.


      In "settings", "general", "look & feel" a logo can be added. This logo will appear in the login page, on the header of the Client interface and at the top of e-mails send from WHD. And this is the problem. Obviously we have different e-mail templates but it doesn't matter which department sends an e-mail with WHD the same logo appears, hence it is visible to the user that the e-mail from department B is related (in some way) to department A.


      We looked into this and have not found a way to overcome this. We (department A) as the main user of WHD want to keep the logo, which is a problem for department B.


      Has somebody come across this issue and found a way to add different logos in e-mail templates?


      Thank you for your help.